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Wootten guard overplay

Morgan Wootten

2 works to get open on the wing, X2 denies a pass from coach at the guard position, coach can try to throw to 2. Then 2 backcuts when coach calls his name, X2 denies by pushing off his front foot, turning his head so he can still see ball and man, and keeping his (inside) arm up to deflect a pass. As 2 enters the lane, X2 opens up and fronts. 2 moves to the other wing as coach dribbles across the top, X2 denies, looking straight ahead, splitting the distance between 2 and the ball so he can see them both (one arm's length away from 2). Ignore 2's first step to the basket so he can't take a quick step back for a pass. Don't let him get the ball, he can't score without it.
Tony House - coach is out top, X2 denies a lead from wing to wing (stay low, open up or stay closed under the basket), progression - 1 on 1.

See Defending - Wootten perimeter-to-post, Pasquali denial.

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