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Swiss 2 on 2

Sébastien Roduit

X2 passes to X3 then defends 2, X3 passes to coach then defends 3, coach passes to 2.

2 passes to coach and basket cuts, X2 jumps to the ball to defend a face cut, 3 replaces 2. Coach passes to 2 or 3 if open, play to a stop or score.

The on-ball defender is a wall between the ball and the basket, for three dribbles, don't force. Close-out with the permanent pivot foot slightly back, move back if he brings the ball down and have one hand on the ball. 90% of the time an attacker will start his dribble with a cross-over drive, take a lateral not diagonal step to stop the drive.

One pass away from the ball, be on the line of the pass. Don't defend a backdoor by opening up, you lose him if he comes back out. In a help position, have at least one foot in the lane.

The line of 45 is a great angle to feed the low post, so force a passer to get the ball further out. When the ball is above the foul line, defend a low post on the high side, pushing him towards the corner. Front when the ball is below the foul line, with at least one hand up, push him with your butt.

3 backcuts if overplayed, 2 replaces, coach passes to an open attacker.

Rotate defence to offence, offence off, new defenders come on.

Progressions (Riet Lareida)


Attackers start at the wing and low post, and fill those positions when cutting.

b) 3 on 3

2 starts with the ball, there are always two attackers on the ballside. 2 basket cuts after passing to coach, 3 fills, then 2 goes to the ballside corner if coach passes to 4 or 3.

4 cuts to the opposite corner if the ball is reversed to 3.
See Defending - Pasquali denial (3 on 3 cut and replace).

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