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Pistons downscreens

Flip Saunders

A coach is on the foul line facing the basket, hands out with palms up, another coach passes to 1.

As 2 downscreens for 4, X2 opens up, touches coach's hands then moves down with the screener. X4 come up between O2 and X2, touches coach's hands and stays until O4 gets a pass.

Option - X3 has his lead (right) leg above 3 to prevent a duck-in.

X4 closes out on the pass to O4, inside foot forward to force baseline. 1 downscreens for 3, opens, touches coach's hands, moves down with the screener. X3 comes up through the gap, touches coach's hands and stays until the next pass, to 3. Continue, switch sides, switch attackers with defenders.


- chase or switch to defend the downscreens
- no coach on the foul line
- wide pin-down screens, option to defend by squeezing
- screeners open to the ball (post up)
- backscreens.

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