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Hurley command

Bob Hurley

Start a zig-zag drill from halfcourt on each side, then coach gives one of these commands:

1) Contest - the ballhandlers dribble and shoot, the defenders don't try to steal the ball, they try to stay in front of their man and contest the shot (yell shot, then in a game everyone has two seconds to block out and find the ball).

2) Charge - defenders set up their man and draw a charge.

3) Five seconds - the ballhandlers backup dribble trying to get the count off, defenders try to stay with their man and keep the count on.

4) Give a foul - defenders step up, don't let him get by you, smack right at the dribbling hand or wrist (it is not going for a steal), in a home game you may have to foul a couple of times to get the call.

After each command, switch offence to defence.
Every day in practice you have to work on

- pressure the ball (stance - head below his shoulders, eyes on his numbers, hands out and active, push them to their weak hand, take a power step in the direction of a pass, push and jump, ball-you-man, hand up for a deflection)
- pressure the pass - can't have direct passes against you
- contest shots - disrupt the ball or vision, yell shot.

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