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Fullcourt closeouts


Players are on the baseline facing one sideline (help position). On a signal they close out on imaginary attackers at the foul line extended, repeat three more times upcourt.

Start with a crossover step, sprint halfway to the ball, then chop the steps to get low and under control, drop the butt, throw the hands up with thumbs together. Play the shot, but think drive - closeout quickly with hands up, but be down and ready to cover the drive.
Chicago Bulls - four lines of players on the baseline, close out at the foul line, halfcourt, far foul line, far baseline. Progressions
- close out, jump to contest a shot
- close out, two slide steps left then right (simulate attacker dribbling right)
- close out, two slides steps left, contest shot, two slide steps back, contest shot.

(Variation - if forcing ballhandlers to their left, slide right)

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