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Attackers 3 and 4 may move and screen for each other on one side. Defenders X3 and X4 must stay low in a good defensive stance, see the ball and their man at all times, communicate, react to the ball quickly, and when in helpside positions, position themselves with their back square to the baseline.

Coach can dribble side to side on top or drive the basket, defenders must stunt and recover (or take a charge). Deny a pass to the wing, coach can pass, deflect or intercept it.

If coach passes to 2, X3 and X4 move into helpside positions. Coach can signal for 2 to pass to 5 in the corner, who drives the baseline and the bottom helpside defender rotates to take the charge as the top helpside defender rotates down.

With the ball at the top, 3 and 4 screen or exchange, X3 and X4 defend, e. g., by gapping or squeezing.

Repeat when 2 has the ball, and while the ball is passed from coach to 2 and back.

If 2 skip passes, X3 closes out, X4 denies 4.

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