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Contain the dribbler

Patrick Hunt (coachesclipboard.ca)

1 on 1 fullcourt. Restrict play on each side to an outside lane and inside the attacking 3-point arc.

An on-ball defender can turn or channel the ball. In Australia they want to turn the dribble twice in the backcourt (really influenced by 8-second count), have the ball cross halfcourt at the sideline, and channel in the front court.

To turn the ball, get your chest in the line of the dribbler, head on the ball, jam your foot on the sideline, hands prevent the crossover and the pass up the sideline. To channel, your head is on the inside hip and shoulder.

Chase the ball shoulder to shoulder with the dribbler, decide if you are going to turn or channel. To channel, forward pivot and slide at the front hip; to turn, forward pivot, get your chest in front.

Here defender 1 turns a ballhandler in the backcourt, 2 channels in the frontcourt.

Here 1 chases to turn, 2 chases to channel.

To load the drill, make a defender grab his shorts (not hands behind his back).

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