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Coach K
Basketball Highway
a) 1 under the basket passes to 2 then closes out to defend (sprint halfway, then come up with inside foot forward to force sideline, inside hand up to discourage a reversal pass, mirror the ball until it is dribbled). 2 can shoot or dribble penetrate. To challenge the shot, 1 doesn't leave his feet until the shooter does and gets a hand up near the shot release. Challenge the shot even if late, and with the hand opposite the shooter if near the basket. Option to go by the shooter on the shot side with the goal of getting a piece of the ball, and not fouling.


- lines of attackers and defenders, 1 and 2 switch lines after a stop or score
- 2 can shoot only, or drive only


b) O1 passes to coach, O2 goes weakside. O1 stops dribble penetration by coach into the lane, then closes out to defend O2 when coach passes. Vary the distances and angles.

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