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5star plyometrics

Pete McLean

a) Jump and stop - jump forward off one foot, land on two. Progressions
- jump, land, explode into a jump stop
- jump, land, jump, jump, hold

b) Double jump lateral off two feet (jump, jump).

c) Using cones

- forward two-foot jumps (pull knees into chest)
- lateral two-foot jumps
- while moving forward, lateral jump side to side over the wall of cones (shown).

d) Graduated cones, 1-2-3-4 yards apart - forward two-foot jumps.

Impact time should be short, for quick feet.
Alan Stein - 10 plyometric drills

- plyo lunges - from a lunge position, jump up, switch the forward leg, land, continue
- power skips - forward high-knee skips, opposite arm in the air
- standing broad jumps - giant forward two-foot jumps, gather in between
- quick broad jumps
- lateral bounds - land left-right going left, gather
- quick lateral bounds
- single-step vertical jumps (one step, feet come together, jump, step with other foot, continue)
- forward side-to-side two-foot bounds - forward zigzag, leap as far as you can
- backward side-to-side two-foot bounds - backward zig-zag
- speed skaters - only the outside foot touches the floor.

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