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Australia 1-2-1-1


Australian National Junior Team
FIBA Assist, issue 4

50 on fullcourt press - trap the main ballhandler.

X4 applies enormous pressure on O5 so he cannot pass to O3 or O4. X1 and X2 do not deny, they force O1 and O2 to head for the corners, switch any screen. X3 looks at the eyes of the passer. X5 is ready to intercept any long pass.

On the inbounds pass to O1, X4 traps with X1 with great ball pressure. X2 shoots the gap towards O5 looking for a steal. If he does not intercept a pass he must contain the ballhandler.


If O5 passes to O2 (or O1 passes directly to O2), X3 shoots the gap looking for a steal then must contain the ball. X4 denies O1, and X2 and X1 sprint back.


If O1 passes to O4 (or O3), X3 shoots the gap looking for a steal then must contain the ball, X1 denies O1, X2 and X4 sprint back.


50 off - face guard and try for a quick turnover.

X1 and X2 face guard O1 and O2. On a pass over the top, X3 looks to intercept the ball, then traps. X2 and X4 sprint back, X2 covers the basket, X4 covers the middle. X5 looks to intercept any pass to O4 or O3.


On a pass ahead to 4, X5 looks to intercept, or will trap with X1. X3 denies O1, X4 gets back behind the level of the ball.


if O1 passes to O3, X5 looks to intercept then will trap with X2, X3 denies O1, X1 gets back behind the level of the ball, X4 covers the basket.

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