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1-3-1 Lute Olson

Lute Olson

The 1-3-1 gives better perimeter shooting coverage than the 1-1-3.

X2 covers between the lane lines (elbows) extended. Wings X3 and X4 have outside the lane lines down to about the second marker.

Middle man X5 always plays directly on the line of deployment between the ball and the basket, fronting. Every drive is taken by X5, the ballside wing stays home or the ballhandler could drive and kick.

Point guard X1 is on the baseline. The smallest guy is there because he has to be the quickest defender, and he is not in great rebounding position except on a shot from the point [and unlike the extended 1-3-1, he does not cover the low post].

With the ball on the wing, X4 forces baseline, he can't allow middle. X2 takes away the high post but also has any attacker sliding weakside.

On a shot, X2 and X3 rotate away from where the shot was taken. X5 can't box out when fronting, he drop steps and attacks the rim.

Paul Hewitt Point zone

- if there is an attacker at the high post, X2 would be playing above him with his left foot on the arc, defending with his right hand, making the attackers think a pass is there
- on a pass to the high post, X5 has him, play straight up, hands up, use length to contest a shot but also for distance, so you don't get beat off the dribble
- if there is no attacker in the ballside corner, X1 has no one in his area, so he gets under the rim and tells X3 to push up [note that X4 could not hand off O3 if he dribbles to the corner]
- on a shot, box out the attacker who would be your close-out on a pass (your next point).

With the ball in the corner, X1 takes away baseline at all costs (he is the only defender who does not force baseline). X4 protects in (shown) and must be able to recover out on a pass back to the wing, or he traps the corner, or he overplays a pass back out (regular deny stance).

On a shot, X2 has the high post, or a second attacker if they send two from the weakside.

Lute Olson 1-1-3 - if 4 dribbles out of the corner, X4 calls off X1, usually on about the second dribble (teams will drag you out on the dribble then bring a cutter underneath).

Paul Hewitt - X5 usually fronts a low post when the ball is in the corner, or plays behind a non-shooter.

Here X4 and X1 trap the corner. X2 comes out on 3, X3 adjusts up anticipating a skip pass to 1, if he can't get the pass he will bluff, X2 comes back.


Start in a 2-3 look, to keep X1 on the baseline, X3 takes a pass to 2, X4 would take an entry pass to 3.

Optionally X2 could cover the ball out top, then recover to the high post.

See Defence - Paul Hewitt point zone.

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