Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

1-3-1 BC


- keep the ball out of the scoring area
- make the other team take lower-percentage outside shots
- control game tempo
- other teams do not practice against a 1-3-1
- good rebounding, the inside triangle is set.

X1 pressures the ball when it is out front, and is the long rebounder, staying at the foul line instead of crashing the boards.

All defenders pressure the ball when it is in their area. If there is no one in your area, look to play up the middle. Play with hands up, move on air time. Keep the ball out of the lane, give up only challenged perimeter shots, then block out any attacker in your area.

Wings X2 and X4 pressure the ball when it is on their side, are the weakside defender and rebounder when the ball is on the other side.

Point X1 sags to cut off passes to the high post area when the ball is at the wing or corner.

Post X5 covers any attacker in the middle of the zone (high post area), and boxes out a player in the middle on a shot. If there is no one in the middle he opens up, takes up space, looks for cutters into the middle.

Baseline runner X3 protects the low post when the ball is on the wing. If there is no one in his area he helps out middle man X5 on an overload.

X3 is the baseline runner, covering corner to corner.

With the ball in the corner, wing X2 sags to the middle or denies the wing, depending on the situation.

When the corner trap is "on", X1 takes away the sideline pass, X5 cuts off passes to the middle, wing X4 takes the long skip pass.

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