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1-2-2 slider halfcourt

The halfcourt 1-2-2 slider is basically a zone version of a halfcourt scramble defence, options are

a) Thumbs up - trap on the first dribble over halfcourt
b) Thumbs down - trap on the first penetrating pass made in the backcourt
c) Straight 1-2-2 - quarter court.

X1 sets up at halfcourt (or at the top of the jump circle), other defenders match up with attackers in their areas and play on-the-line, up-the-line to contest an easy pass into their backcourt, and helping them get into position (less ground to cover).
Herb Brown - your defensive signals should include trapping the first wing or perimeter pass, doubling the dribbler, running and jumping the dribbler, and feinting or faking traps.

See Defences - Tar Heels scramble, Scramble halfcourt (George Mason), 1-2-1-1 halfcourt press, Black and grey.

For quarter-court slides see Defences - 1-2-2 slider, 1-2-2 slider traps.

After a sideline inbounds pass in the backcourt, optionally trap on the first dribble or first pass (Tar Heels scramble).

a) Thumbs up

Trap on the first dribble in the backcourt.

Here X1 traps the dribbler with X3, X4 and X2 are interceptors, X5 is safety.

The obvious pass is to 2, X4 has to move at the same time as X1.

Tar Heels scramble - optionally X2 traps from behind with X3, X5 moves up as interceptor.

1-2-1-1 halfcourt - a wing player can fake a trap (hedge and recover), if the ballhandler picks up the dribble, it's "dead!", X3 smothers the ball, other defenders deny passes.

Hoop Tactics - 1-2-2 halfcourt press ("X") - X2 drops into a helpside position anticipating a pass to 4 or 3, X4 rotates out to deny 2, X5 denies a high post (keep the ball out of the middle). To protect against a deep skip pass to 3 (a difficult pass to see and make against a strong double team), instead have X2 rotate to the high post (allowing a pass to 4) and X5 drop to a low helpside position.

Herb Brown - when we trap there are two trappers, two interceptors, and a high or low goaltender, like a 2-2-1. We leave the offensive man farthest from the ball free, encouraging the long skip pass across the court.

Herb Brown - 32/32T three-quarter zone defence - the trap (in the frontcourt) can come in the form of a hard trap or soft show, the opposite wing drops to the middle of the floor, the back line rotates to take away the next passes. If the ball is reversed out of the trap, X3 follows the dribbler and directs him to another trap. The defence falls back into a 3-2 zone once the ball crosses halfcourt.

If 1 reverses the ball to 4 in the frontcourt, X3 and X2 trap 4 on his first dribble in the backcourt, X1 and X5 are interceptors, X4 is safety. The obvious pass is to 3.

Option - X3 steps out to cut off a return pass to 1 (shown).

Hoop Tactics - X3 can play between 1 and 4, disrupting ball reversal and forcing 1 to advance the ball on the dribble, or drop back, allow a reversal pass, and wait for the ball to cross halfcourt before trapping.

Optionally trap again on a short pass up the sideline, X1 follows the pass to trap with X4, slider X3 becomes the low interceptor.

George Mason scramble - on a pass to the wing out of the trap, Thumbs up immediately becomes Thumbs down.

If there is no second trap, X1 bumps X4 (who may bump X5 back weakside).

Tar Heels scramble - after trapping on the first dribble, they don't trap again.
UConn 2-2-1 - a second strongside trap is the best percentage trap for steals.
Herb Brown - when the point defender in a one-guard-front pressure defence is not involved in a trap, he drops back to deter post entries.

X3 and X2 are interceptors, X5 is safety.

The obvious pass is back to 1.

b) Thumbs down

Trap on the first penetrating pass made in the backcourt.

X1 and X2 can back up a bit, defenders retreat towards the quarter-court as the ball is dribbled into the backcourt.

X3 follows the pass to 2 and traps with X1, the obvious pass is back to 1.
Herb Brown - doubling the first wing pass, X3 drops line of ball then traps, weakside wing X2 must control the middle of the floor to deny a gut pass, and can't vacate until X1 replaces him.

See Defences - 1-2-2 slider traps (Trap the wings), slides are the same, also Scramble halfcourt (Trailer trap).

X2 and X4 are interceptors, X5 is the safety.

Herb Brown - 2T is a halfcourt 3-2 zone designed to trap the first pass to the wing or corner. X2 zones up the middle and does not deny a pass back to the point, X4 denies the corner, goaltender X5 zones up with X2 to defend three players. If trapping the corner (it could be a skip pass from the top), trap with wing X1 and post X4, X5 fronts the low post, zone up away from the free man, defending two players with one.

Optionally trap on a short pass into the backcourt, the slides are the same (a long pass is more difficult to trap).

Also trap if 1 reverses the ball to 4 who makes the pass into the backcourt.

The obvious pass is back to 1 after he crosses halfcourt.

Black and grey - with grey, look to trap near a sideline when the ball crosses halfcourt on the dribble (or on a pass), taking away a ball-reversal option.

Tar Heels scramble - trap on the first pass in the backcourt (don't allow a long pass, don't let them pass from their backcourt).

Trap again on a pass below the foul line, X1 follows the pass to trap with X4, X3 covers the low post (his normal slide on a pass to the corner).

Tar Heels scramble - after trapping on the first pass, they like to trap again on a short pass to the corner, it's a great time to put the offence on their heels.

George Mason scramble - on Thumbs down, trap again if the other team continues to attack with a pass to the corner.

See Lute Olson 1-1-3 - X3 makes a short slide, dropping to the line of deployment between the ball and the basket.

X2 and X3 are interceptors, safety X5 is now a flyer looking to steal a pass.

Tar Heels scramble - since the double-team is below the foul line and the low interceptor would be fronting a low post, goaltender X5 is a flyer, he can move around and take chances, and may take 4 at the high post.

See Defence - Syracuse 2-3 (corner trap).

c) Straight 1-2-2

Defenders retreat to the regular 1-2-2 slider defence without trapping on the first dribble or pass (they can stunt and recover), but optionally can trap if the ball then goes below the wings.

Attackers are uncertain whether or when they will be trapped.

See Defence - 1-2-2 slider traps.

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