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1-1-3 Huggins

Bob Huggins

A 1-1-3 with match-up principles (see Defence - 1-1-3 Lute Olson), but get the ball on one side and keep it there, deny ball reversal.

X! gets the ball out of the middle, a forward takes the first penetrating pass and forces baseline, the middle defender has second pass ballside and forces baseline.

Guards X1 and X2 have passes going away from the basket.

X5 is on-the-line up-the-line to 5 (shrink all gaps), in a closed stance.

See Defence - Huggins pressure.

You don't want the other team to turn the ball or throw it to the high post.

X1 denies a return pass to 1, they are always on the line, up the line in a closed stance (keep the ball on one side, or make 1 catch going away from the basket).

X2 has the high post (if one guard is out, the other is in), but is not belly-to-the-ball, he gets his right foot up (closed stance) so he can see the weakside, and will snap his head if a cutter flashes and tries to go under.

X5 fronts 5 on the low side, with help from X3, and doesn't let 5 touch him (don't go over the post, he will ride you up the lane).

On a pass to 4, X5 closes out and forces baseline, X4 dives and fronts the post (snaps his head and foot), X1 denies a return pass to 3 (up the line), X2 still has the high post.

Option - the closest of X1 or X2 denies 3, the other takes the high post.

X5 can't allow a skip pass from the corner.

If 3 gets a pass from 4, X5 jumps to the ball and denies a return pass.

X2 is out, so X1 stays in (does not deny 1).

If there is a skip pass to 1, X1 is out, X2 is in, X4 is now the middle defender, in line with 5, X5 has first penetrating pass on his side (to 3 or 4), up the line on 4.

X3 takes the ball on a pass to 2, X4 covers the low post, X1 denies a return pass to 1.

X4 takes a pass to the corner, X3 dives to the post (and is now the middle defender), X1 denies 2.

X5 takes a skip pass to 3, X2 denies 1, X1 has the high post.

X1 stays with the ball on a dribble entry, X2 stays in.

Lute Olson - it's the same as a pass out from the corner [so X4 would dive to the post, and X5 take 4].

(Variation - X4 bumps X1, who can deny 3 after the shallow cut)

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