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Paul Hewitt 3 on 3

Paul Hewitt

a) Ballside

3 on 3 on one side of the floor, with a release man on the other side, can pass to him and screen away. Use off-ball screens and dribble hand-offs but not ballscreens, defenders can't switch. The screener's back determines where he wants the cutter to go, the cutter must then separate from the screener (no traffic jams). For attackers, do the work before you get the ball - good shooters make open shots.

b) Dribble hand-offs

3 on 3 halfcourt but no screening is allowed, it's all cutting and dribble hand-offs. If a defender tries to take away a dribble hand-off by getting in the passing lane, cut backdoor. If xcutter takes away the backdoor layup, it's an automatic post-up under the basket, the cutter reverse pivots on his inside foot (button hook).

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