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2 on 1 penetrate-finish


2-on-1 from various angles.

Driver 1 starts outside the arc, finisher 4 is weakside on the edge of the lane, defender X2 is close enough to touch 4.

1 aggressively drives to the basket, reads X2, and finishes with a layup (the first option) or passes to 4, who must finish (optionally allow two passes at younger levels). Force the defender to stop the drive.

Rotate driver to defender to finisher to the driving line (with the ball).

Here's another angle for the drill, a benefit is that the finisher must move to the basket off the penetration.

See Defending - Pitt close-out 1 on 1, Pitt 2 on 2 stunt and recover.

Al Tuchscherer - 1 starts from a guard spot with 4 on the ballside wing, defended by X2, 1 drives, X2 hedges, 1 passes to 4, X2 recovers, go two-three times then it's 1-on-1 on the pass [or 2 on 1].

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