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1 on 1
Touch the cone


Two cones are about 10 feet apart (depending on player skills and quickness), defender X1 is halfway between the two cones, attacker 1 is in triple threat about 3 feet in front. X1 moves left or right to touch a cone with a foot, then tries to stop the attacker, who drives for a layup as soon as he sees the defender move, using a crossover or strong-side step depending on pivot foot and which way the defender goes. The attacker should stay low in a shoulder-to-hip position, and should score..


a) 1 is dribbling on the spot to start and must react to X1 off the dribble, using a strong-side or crossover dribble.

b) 1 v-cuts to get a pass at the three-point line from coach at the top, X1 allows 1 to catch the ball then runs to touch a cone as 1 squares up and attacks. The attacker should use forward and reverse pivots, and be encouraged to use either foot to pivot.

c) Place the cones at different locations on the floor to work on attacking the basket from different angles.

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