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1 on 1

John Tauer

Defender 2 chest passes to attacker 1 who has a 3-dribble limit. Rotation is defence, offence, off.


- one shot only
- limit of one or two dribbles
- the attacker doesn't have to shoot, score +1 for a made basket, -1 for a miss, 0 points if the attacker chooses not to shoot and hands the ball to the defender (encourage good shot selection - is it a 50% shot?).

Ray Lokar - the attacker can pass to a coach if there is no shot.

In 1 on 1, the offence has the advantage and will get a good shot unless there are two or fewer dribbles. Read the defence, don't fight it, take what he gives you.

The defender wants to chop his steps and close out with high hands to discourage shot, then defend penetration. Pressure the ball, make the ballhandler feel uncomfortable, he will start to dribble, ideally with his weak hand, then make him change direction. The attacker is dribbling a lot, his teammates are watching, the offence is bogged down. If the defender can dictate the action, it will often lead to a turnover.

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