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1 on 1

Rick Pitino

A coach is on each wing with a ball, attacker 1 can step to either side for a pass, defender 2 closes out, two-dribble limit. On a miss, the defender passes out to a coach and gets it right back (mid-range on a wing). Play until one player scores then he goes out to the top of the key, start again. On a defensive foul, the attacker ducks in immediately to post up the next player in line. Don't allow contested shots, pass the ball out to a coach and get it back.

The mark of a great on-ball defender is his ability to keep his shoulders squared to the attacker, once you open up your shoulders, you're beat.
Bob Hurley - the attacker starts under the rim, cuts for a pass from either coach. has a two-dribble limit, and can't shoot a contested shot - pass to the coach who doesn't have a ball and move to get open again. Make-it take-it against a new defender, on a stop the two players stay and switch, on a defensive foul the defender goes off, a new defender comes on, get the ball back to the coach without a ball, the attacker posts at either block for a pass, it's live. Can make this into 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 (move the passers out).
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