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1 on 1
Killer 7


1 attacks from midcourt after 2 touches the ball.

If 2 knocks the ball out of bounds, 1 gets it at the top of the circle. 2 gets the ball under the basket if 1 loses it out of bounds.

2 can steal (one point), dribble over midcourt for another point, and become the next attacker.

On a missed shot by 1, both players can rebound (one point). 2 tries to dribble across midcourt for another point after a defensive rebound, 1 defends.

A defensive foul results in a free throw and possession for the attacker. An offensive foul is a point and possession under the basket for the defender.


On a make by 1 (two or three points), 2 gets the ball under the basket and, after a ball touch or check, tries to dribble over the midcourt line for a point. 1 can steal the ball (a point) and attack the basket for a shot. 2 gets the ball near the sideline if 1 deflects it out of bounds.

Play to 7, with bigs at one end, guards at the other, winners play winners.

Variation - 2 on 2.

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