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Attackers O1 and O2 try to score at opposite ends against defenders X1 and X2 respectively, play to a stop or score. Attackers should pick up speed as they get closer to the defender and go by tight using a speed or change of direction dribble. If the defender's arm or shoulder is in front, go by; change direction only when the chest gets in front. Rotate clockwise, and do the drill from both corners to work on dribbling with both hands.

Variation - defenders can counter-attack, play to a score at either end or ball out of play.

beone.basketball.ca - Attackers don't walk the ball up the floor, close space as fast as possible under control. Defenders also close space fast, meet the attackers as far up the floor as possible. Option - the dribbler passes at centre to the defender, who attacks the other way.
Ian MacKinnon - one shot only, attackers get one point if they get into the paint with their strong hand, another point for a basket, the defender dribbles the ball outside to the other end (players switch ends).
Basketball WA - roll-it drill - defenders start at the elbows, roll a ball towards attackers who are building up speed from the far corners.
See 1 on 1 - Spurs, Defending - Influence.

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