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1 on 1

1 passes to 2 and closes out, 2 attacks until a stop or score, the defender gets two points for a stop, the attacker gets two points for a basket and one point for an offensive rebound. The attacker keeps possession on a score (make-it take-it), the defender switches to attack on a stop. Play to 10 points.


- limited dribbling
- the defender always switches to attack
- both players can rebound a miss and shoot, play to a score
- with three or more players, a new defender always comes in.

coachesclipboard.ca - in continuous 1-on-1 there is no checking from the top, on a stop or score the defender gets the ball, spins it out beyond the arc, goes out to meet the pass, squares up, plays from there. Players must go from offence to defence and vice versa in a more game-like way.

See 1 on 1 - Hubie Brown, Touch drill, Dave Smart first step.

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