Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

1 on 1

John Calipari

If you spin you must shoot, you can't dribble all the way to the rim. If the defender stops you, stop in a box (at an elbow), throw it to a coach, pop back for a pass, take him again.

a) Off the catch

The attacker starts at the foul line, if the defender is playing normally, step across him, get your hip on him, don't use your arms, break out, catch where you want to catch it, square up, you eliminate walks by always having the same pivot foot, whichever foot you are more comfortable with. If the defender's hands are down, shoot.

If the defender face guards, circle inside him to catch, if he takes that away, break to the basket.

b) Off the dribble

Start at the NBA 3 with the ball, dribble up to the defender (not in a hurry), go by him with one dribble, one more dribble and shoot.

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