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1 on 1 on 1


American Basketball Quarterly, 2005Q4
Three players. Attacker 1 with a ball and defender 2 face each other under the basket. 2 touches the ball, then 1 has five seconds to dribble across midcourt. 1 gets 2 points for dribbling across the centre circle, 1 point outside the circle but between the cones (or volleyball court lines), and 0 points outside the cones. 2 gets one point if 1 is unable to cross midcourt in 5 seconds.


- one point for crossing halfcourt anywhere
- 8 seconds to cross
- players start from both ends.


From the centre circle 1 then attacks going back after 2 touches the ball, and can score a 2- or 3-point shot. On a stop or score, 1 goes off, 2 switches to attack, and 3 is the new defender. First player to 11 points wins.


- make-it, take-it against a new defender
- one point for an offensive rebound
- get the ball if fouled
- lose a point if you foul.
See Pressing - Pasquali.

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